MP’s Anger Over Doctored Image on Nine News Melbourne Featuring Georgie Purcell

An Australian news channel is facing backlash after altering an image of a female state MP, Georgie Purcell, to enlarge her breasts and expose her midriff. The image was broadcast on Nine News after Purcell criticized the Victorian government’s rejection of a duck hunting ban. Purcell posted the original and altered images on social media, bringing attention to the manipulation of her outfit.

Nine News issued an apology, attributing the altered image to “automation by Photoshop.” However, the error has sparked significant controversy and criticism. In response, Purcell stated, “The message this sends to young women and girls across Victoria is that even at the top of your field, your body is always up for grabs.”

Purcell, the youngest woman in the state’s parliament, has been an outspoken advocate for women’s rights in Australian politics. This incident is reflective of wider issues within the country’s political landscape. A 2021 report revealed that a third of employees in federal parliament had experienced sexual harassment, highlighting a pervasive problem of sexism within Australian politics.

This controversy serves as a reminder of the ongoing challenges faced by women in positions of power and influence. It underscores the need for greater respect and equality within the political sphere.

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