Will XRP Ever Decouple from Bitcoin? Market Veteran Raoul Pal Weighs In

Market expert Raoul Pal recently shared insights on the potential decoupling of XRP and other altcoins from Bitcoin’s market cycles. In a recent interview on the CryptoLaw show, Pal discussed the relationship between the broader crypto market, specifically XRP and Ethereum, and Bitcoin’s price movements.

During the interview, CryptoLaw founder John Deaton pointed out the correlation between XRP and Bitcoin’s price movements. He noted that XRP surged to $0.93 following a ruling declaring it a non-security, but quickly retraced these gains in August when its uptrend received no support from Bitcoin or the broader market.

Pal was asked about the possibility of XRP and other tokens breaking free from Bitcoin’s influence. He emphasized that the Bitcoin cycle serves as the macrocycle, affecting all assets in the market. According to Pal, the market cycles are deeply rooted in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, where interest rates were reset to zero, prompting major governments worldwide to issue their debt in a consistent three to five-year sector.

He broke down the market cycles into “Macro Spring” and “Macro Summer,” with Macro Spring representing the early stages of a bull market when Bitcoin tends to outperform other assets. This leads to the onset of the altcoin season.

Pal indicated that the transition from Macro Crypto Spring to Macro Crypto Summer is in progress, with a surge anticipated by 2025. This trend has continued to play out over multiple market cycles.

In conclusion, the relationship between XRP and other altcoins with Bitcoin’s market cycles remains a complex and intertwined one, with the Bitcoin cycle serving as the macrocycle affecting all assets in the market.

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