The Exclusive Wasatch Peaks Ranch Resort Seeks to Share Its Story with the Public

A long line of yellow construction vehicles, led by an excavator on cat tracks, paraded down the smooth blacktop connecting the private Wasatch Peaks Ranch to the rest of civilization. The march took them past the future site of the ultra-luxe ski and golf resort, while a new 18-hole golf course lay untouched under a blanket of snow. Soon after, a 2nd District judge halted all construction and development at the resort, leaving it empty and quiet.

The resort has been shrouded in secrecy, with strict vetting processes for membership and an air of exclusivity. The identity of the owners remains a mystery, and few details about membership dues and investments have been revealed. Despite the private nature of the resort, it currently has 115 members which include well-known athletes and political figures.

Legal battles and zoning disputes have resulted in 4 years of lawsuits surrounding the development, culminating in an indefinite order issued by Judge Noel Hyde stopping all construction. Despite the resort’s ability to withstand a long pause in construction, the impact on its reputation and public opinion has been more concerning to its leadership.

The resort has faced a significant shift in public opinion due in part to their lack of communication in response to negative narratives surrounding the project. All of this has affected the support the project once enjoyed from the local community.

Wasatch Peaks Ranch is confident in its ability to overcome these challenges and ultimately succeed.

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