Why are St. Louis police withholding crime data?

Detective Marco Christlieb works at the Real Time Crime Center located at the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Headquarters. Situated in north St. Louis, a new headquarters for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency was built in a very poor neighborhood, and Ness Sandoval sought to examine the impact of such a major investment. This sociologist, along with his graduate student, conducted a study of crime trends related to the NGA site, but detailed crime data were no longer publicly accessible. After obtaining more detailed data for a study on crime trends in the city, it was concluded that the police department provided similarly detailed data to others for city-funded projects. The police department insists that the Technology change in 2020 led to the loss of detailed data. Research was hindered by the lack of geographic data and a restriction to neighborhood-level totals. CGPointMakeedly, the police department had still provided detailed data to the researchers for a city-funded project despite publicly denying requests for it.

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