Water Documenters: Read meeting notes from the Wasatch Front Water Quality Council

Theron Miller, the Lead Project Manager, and Research Scientist, along with a group of attendees, gathered for a public meeting to discuss important topics related to water quality in the ecosystem from Utah Lake to Great Salt Lake. Rich Mickelsen of the Timpanogos Special Service District, Melissa R. of Holland & Hart, Jeff Den Bleyker of Jacobs, and various council members were present. The meeting also included a handful of unnamed attendees joining via Zoom.

The purpose of the council is to ensure the preservation and understanding of the ecosystem and its water quality. Goals included the approval of minutes from last month, financial and claims review, and the final budget for 2024. There was also a presentation on Jordan River research and the macroinvertebrates, nutrient fluxes, and analysis.

During the meeting, extensive presentations were made regarding the Jordan River, nutrient dynamics, bug populations, and differences in sample locations. There was also a discussion of the potential environmental impact of the expansion of the Provo Municipal Airport on the Provo Bay wetland area.

Richards and Miller emphasized the importance of the data collected on nutrients and macroinvertebrates for understanding water quality, specifically in the Jordan River ecosystem. The meeting also covered the Great Salt Lake Basin Integrated Plan, aimed at ensuring a resilient water supply for Great Salt Lake and its watershed.

There were some concerns raised, including potentially negative environmental impacts on the Provo Bay ecosystem and confusion as to why the Council has not been involved in the Great Salt Lake Basin Integrated Plan.

Overall, the meeting emphasized the importance of research and data collection to preserve and protect the water quality of the ecosystem. The meeting adjourned with several follow-up questions.

The Water Documenters project, a collaboration between The Salt Lake Tribune, City Bureau, and funded through grants from the Great Salt Lake Collaborative and the Rita Allen Foundation, aims to provide better public access to meetings where major decisions regarding water resources are made. Student journalists from various Utah colleges are hired to attend and take notes at these meetings, which are then published for public reference. The goal is to provide transparency in the decision-making process related to Utah’s water resources. For more information and meeting notes, visit the project’s website.

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