Water Documenters: Read meeting notes from the Jordan River Commission Governing Board Meeting

The Jordan River Commission was established in August 2010 by an Interlocal Cooperation Agreement, and is made up of both governmental and non-governmental members who are working together to implement the Blueprint Jordan River. This plan seeks to enhance, preserve, protect, and responsibly develop the Jordan River corridor. The Commission is funded through grants and private donations.

The Commission’s current membership includes 17 cities, two counties, six regional special service districts, and two state agencies. At the December 7th, 2023 Governing Board Meeting held at the Education Center at the Conservation Garden Park in West Jordan, several members attended both in-person and online.

One of the topics discussed at the meeting was the Jordan River Extra Patrol (JREP) program, which is funded through the Jordan River Recreation Area ongoing legislative appropriation and provides patrol, security, and law enforcement for the area 250 yards on each side of the Jordan River. Chief Law Enforcement Officer James Winder shared updates and discussed the challenges faced by the program over the past five years, and the need for centralized coordination among law enforcement participants.

Wayne Niederhauser, of the Utah Office of Homeless Services, also provided updates on the ongoing implementation of “Utah’s Plan to Address Homelessness” and emphasized the need for non-congregate housing options for those experiencing homelessness.

The meeting also addressed issues such as graffiti abatement, environmental design for crime prevention, and the need to provide pre-deployment training for law enforcement officers patrolling the river.

Overall, the meeting discussed the ongoing efforts to implement the Blueprint Jordan River, as well as challenges and possible solutions in managing the Jordan River corridor.

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