Water Documenters: Read meeting notes from the Metropolitan Water District of Salt Lake & Sandy

The Salt Lake Aqueduct Replacement – Cottonwoods Conduits Project took center stage at the recent board meeting of the Salt Lake City Department of Public Utilities. The project involves the replacement of the Big Cottonwood Water Treatment Plant, with construction set to begin in January 2024. During the meeting, the board approved a contract for pipe preorder for the project, as well as the financial advisor services agreement. In addition, financial reports for September and August were accepted and an update on water supply and demand was provided.

The approval to order the first section of pipe for the Salt Lake Aqueduct Replacement – Cottonwoods Conduits Project was announced, with the construction expected to begin in January 2024. The new pipes will have a Seismic Performance Level (SPL) of 3 and will run parallel to Danish Road. The motion passed unanimously, and the funds will be allocated to Thompson Pipe Group for the first section of pipe for the project.

Another key discussion during the meeting was the update on the Aquifer Recharge Project, which has been delayed due to material falling into the well. It was reported that pilot testing of two basins will begin in June next year, with testing of the well scheduled for September or October 2024.

The approval of the Financial Advisor Services Agreement was another important decision made during the meeting, with the motion passing unanimously. The board ultimately went with Zions Public Finance, which has been involved with the water district for the last seven years.

Historically, the Salt Lake Aqueduct has played a crucial role in the delivery of water to the city, and the ongoing replacement project is aimed at ensuring the continued reliability and safety of the water supply.

In addition to the project-related updates, there was a discussion on potential strategies for repaying debt-tied funding needs, with various repayment options presented by a representative from Zions Public Finance. The meeting was concluded with the acceptance of financial reports and an update on water supply and demand.

The board meeting notes are part of the Water Documenters project, a collaboration between The Salt Lake Tribune and City Bureau aimed at providing better public access to meetings where major decisions are made about Utah’s water resources. For more meeting notes and information, visit the project’s website.

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