A Sailor’s Journey from Patient to Brain Health Provider

The Traumatic Brain Injury Center of Excellence (TBICoE) was established by the U.S. Congress in 1992 to address the need for effective treatment for service members suffering from traumatic brain injuries (TBI). As a response to the growing concern over the impact of concussions on warfighters, the TBICoE has been at the forefront of research and education regarding TBI.

One of the recommended resources from TBICoE is a video that explores the effects of TBI on the brain of a warfighter, shedding light on the common symptoms and challenges faced by those affected. Another video provides an overview of how the Department of Defense identifies and classifies TBI, highlighting the three main categories of the condition.

Service members who sustain a concussion may experience a range of symptoms that impact their combat readiness, and a video is available to help shed light on these challenges. Another video delves into the potential impact of TBI on nerve cells in the brain, explaining the potential limitations on message transmission between cells.

Military leadership plays a crucial role in promoting warfighter brain Health among service members. As such, resources are available to guide leaders in addressing TBI related concerns promptly and effectively.

Additionally, the TBICoE offers education and resources for military leadership, along with insights into the Vision Center of Excellence, Defense Veteran Eye Injury Vision Registry.

The TBICoE has also produced essential training videos aimed at enhancing the Department of Defense’s understanding of warfighter brain health for leaders. An employee spotlight features Amanda Gano, a contractor for TBICoE, as she shares her journey into TBI research.

Furthermore, the TBICoE provides educational content on low-level blast exposure and TBI, as well as informative presentations from professionals in the field of brain health. The center also champions the theme of ‘Be a Brain Warrior: Protect, Treat, Optimize’ to raise awareness and encourage proactive approaches to brain health among service members.

Overall, the TBICoE is dedicated to providing care, support, and services for those affected by TBI, as well as conducting essential research in the field. With a variety of resources available, including videos, podcasts, and educational materials, the TBICoE continues to play a vital role in addressing the challenges of TBI within the military community.

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