Drew Lock’s heroics were remarkable, but Seahawks are Geno Smith’s team

The Seattle Seahawks have been facing a quarterback dilemma ever since Russell Wilson departed two years ago. After a standout performance by backup quarterback Drew Lock in a recent victory over the Eagles, fans may be tempted to see him continue as the starter. However, it’s important to remember that this is still Geno Smith’s team. Despite some ups and downs this season, Smith has proven himself as a capable quarterback, leading the team to several impressive offensive performances.

While Lock has shown promise in his recent starts, it’s important to consider Smith’s experience and track record. Smith’s leadership and on-field contributions have been pivotal in several games this season. There is also a mutual admiration and respect between Smith and Lock, as they support each other as teammates.

The Seahawks still have three games left to play and may need to win all three to make the playoffs. While Lock’s performance in the last game was impressive, Smith is the current starting quarterback. The team’s success will depend on a careful evaluation of the quarterback situation and making the best decision for the remaining games.

It’s evident that both Smith and Lock have made significant contributions to the team, and their performances will continue to be a key storyline as the season progresses.

Historically, the Seahawks have had strong quarterback play, particularly from their former star Russell Wilson. Since his departure, the team has been searching for a consistent starting quarterback. The ongoing battle between Smith and Lock adds to the intrigue surrounding the team’s quarterback situation.

Overall, the Seahawks face a crucial decision in choosing their starting quarterback for the remaining games, as they strive to make the playoffs and continue their pursuit of success.

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