US Space Force Major urges Defense Department to adopt Bitcoin as an ‘offset strategy’

U.S. Space Force Major Jason Lowery Advocates for Bitcoin’s Strategic Importance in National Defense and Cybersecurity

In a groundbreaking letter to the Defense of Defense’s (DoD) Innovation Board, U.S. Space Force Major Jason Lowery has ignited a discussion on the strategic significance of Bitcoin and similar proof-of-work (PoW) protocols in the realm of national defense and cybersecurity.

Lowery’s letter offers a fresh perspective on Bitcoin, extending its relevance beyond the financial sector and positioning it as a potential game-changer in modern warfare strategies. He contextualizes Bitcoin within the military strategy of an offset approach, historically employed to counterbalance adversaries’ strengths through technological advancements.

Lowery’s argument centers on the idea that Bitcoin and its underlying Technology could serve as contemporary tools in the offset strategy, reshaping the landscape of cyber warfare and defense. He introduces the concept of a pioneering “macrochip,” which transforms the global electric power grid into a resource-intensive computer, introducing physical costs to the digital domain and offering a new method of securing data across the internet.

The major accentuates the need for the U.S. to recognize and adapt to Bitcoin’s potential as a strategic offset in cybersecurity, warning that failure to do so could impact the global balance of power. Lowery, also the U.S. National Defense Fellow and Deputy Director of Technology & Innovation at Space Launch Delta 45, emphasizes the urgency for the U.S. to explore and integrate these technologies into its defense strategies, recommending that the Defense Innovation Board prioritize the investigation of Bitcoin and similar technologies.

The discussion brought forth by Lowery’s letter reflects the growing intersection of digital Technology and national defense, highlighting the need for proactive exploration and integration of innovative solutions for safeguarding the U.S.’s position as a global superpower in an evolving digital landscape.

Historic Background:
The concept of an offset strategy has historically been employed by the military to counteract adversaries’ strengths through technological advancements. The discussion on the strategic importance of Bitcoin and PoW protocols in national defense marks a new frontier in the intersection of digital Technology and military strategy.

In conclusion, Major Lowery’s letter opens up a compelling conversation on the potential role of Bitcoin and similar technologies in modern warfare and cybersecurity, inviting further exploration and adaptation to ensure the U.S.’s continued strength in an increasingly digital world.

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