US officials anticipate Netanyahu’s reaction following Biden’s ultimatum

President Joe Biden is risking his credibility and America’s stance on Israel’s actions in Gaza, waiting to see if Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will make the changes requested by the US. If Netanyahu does not comply with Biden’s requests to ease civilian suffering and protect aid workers, the US president faces a critical choice. Will he continue to support Israel, despite backlash from progressive and Arab American voters, or will he condition US support on Israel’s actions in the war against Hamas?

Following a call between Biden and Netanyahu, the Israeli security cabinet approved steps to ease humanitarian aid into Gaza, signaling a potential shift in Israeli policy. However, sustained changes are needed to address criticism and potential escalations in the conflict. The call came after the deaths of seven aid workers in Gaza, sparking outrage and highlighting the need for immediate action.

The US is now considering conditioning its support for Israel, with Secretary of State Antony Blinken warning of potential changes in policy if Israel does not act swiftly. Prominent Democrats, including Senator Chris Coons, have hinted at limiting arms sales to Israel if necessary. Biden’s administration is facing pressure from within his coalition to take a stronger stance against Israel’s actions in Gaza.

Despite longstanding support for Israel, the Biden administration is now openly pressuring Netanyahu for change. The coordinated public diplomacy and warnings of potential policy shifts underscore the gravity of the situation. The tension between the US and Israel is likely to grow if Netanyahu does not cooperate, potentially shaping future relations between the two allies.

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