Aurora brewery will close, sell to new owners

After nine years in operation, Ursula Brewery in Aurora is closing its doors in December 2023. Owner Scott Procop has made the decision to sell the brewery in order to focus on his family restaurant, Cedar Creek Pub, located across the street from the brewery at 2100 Ursula St.

Procop, who has been in the restaurant Business for 34 years, opened Cedar Creek in 2011 with his wife and sees the move as a return to his roots. Despite the success of Ursula Brewery, Procop believes it’s time to shift his attention back to the restaurant industry.

The brewery’s new owners, who have not been named, plan to reopen the space with a different name in early or mid-2024. Procop has expressed his willingness to support the new owners by continuing to serve some of Ursula Brewery’s beers at Cedar Creek if requested.

In recent years, small brewery owners have faced challenges due to the pandemic, rising costs, and stagnant beer sales. Procop notes the impact on one of Ursula Brewery’s popular beers, Crustless, which used to draw long lines of customers but has since seen a decline in demand.

As the craft brewing industry evolves, Procop is committed to supporting fellow brewers through Cedar Creek, which offers a wide selection of craft beers on tap and hosts occasional rare beer tastings.

In the lead-up to Ursula Brewery’s closure, Procop plans to host a final two-day party for the winter solstice, marking the release of the annual Sacred Fire imperial Scotch Ale. He views this event as a way to show gratitude to the brewery’s loyal customers.

The closure of Ursula Brewery represents a shift in focus for Scott Procop, as he returns to his family restaurant Business while still supporting the craft brewing community.

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