Trump is already asserting strongman power within the GOP

Donald Trump is continuing to assert dominance over the Republican Party as he anticipates a possible second term, and has been trying to pressure Nikki Haley out of the GOP presidential race. He has been warning donors that if they support Haley, they will be ostracized from the party. In addition, Trump’s supporters attempted to pressure the Republican National Committee to name him presumptive nominee after just two nominating races, but this effort was pulled back amid concerns it could backfire. Trump is also pressuring GOP members of Congress to kill an immigration deal to prevent President Joe Biden from securing a victory. His behavior is raising concerns that a potential second term could lead to autocracy in the Oval Office. There are also risks for Trump in his truculent approach, as this could confirm Biden’s arguments that he would endanger democracy if elected to a second term. Despite Trump’s efforts to force Haley out of the race, she has refused to comply with his demands, leading to mockery and insults from the former president. As a result, calls for Haley to end her campaign have emerged. Trump’s behavior and tactics have been met with criticism from members of the GOP, and some are concerned about the impact on the democratic process. Although he initially approved of a draft resolution that would have declared him the presumptive nominee, Trump later came out against it due to backlash within the party. Additionally, he has been lobbying Republicans to oppose an immigration deal, despite some senators seeking a compromise.

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