“Trump Emerges Victorious in New Hampshire GOP Primary as Haley Vows to Remain in the Race”

12:15 p.m. ET, January 24, 2024

Republican Lawmakers Comment on GOP Presidential Race

Senate Judiciary Committee member Sen. John Cornyn attends a hearing in the Hart Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill on December 5, 2023 in Washington, DC.

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Republican lawmakers are weighing in on the state of the GOP presidential race following former President Donald Trump’s win in New Hampshire.

Here’s what some of them said Wednesday:

GOP Sen. John Cornyn warned Trump that he needs to expand beyond his base. “I think if the president would pick Tim Scott as vice president, I think that would be a really good ticket,” Cornyn, who has endorsed Trump, told CNN’s Manu Raju. “After a primary, there needs to be a broader appeal than just to primary voters. You can’t win with just your own base.” Cornyn added that he thinks it’s time for the party to unify.  

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham chided fellow South Carolinian Nikki Haley over her criticism of Trump and said it was up to her on whether to drop out of the race.  “Well, I’ll leave that up to her. But Trump is in a commanding position in South Carolina. I think, for all practical purposes, the primary is over. She’s done better than anybody in the history of South Carolina and she has a lot to be proud of. But her assessment last night of President Trump, I don’t think would be widely shared in South Carolina,” Graham said. 

Senate Republican Whip John Thune said Trump will need to appeal beyond his base voters if he wants to win the general Election in November. Asked by CNN if he is concerned Trump didn’t perform well with moderate and independent voters in Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary, Thune said: “The campaign probably realizes they’ve got the Republican vote locked up. And for him to win the general election. He’s got to start running a general election campaign, which will mean his message is going to have to appeal to those independent voters and moderate Republicans.”   

With the 2024 U.S. presidential election heating up, the GOP lawmakers are offering their perspectives on the state of the race, particularly in relation to former President Donald Trump’s involvement. These comments come after Trump secured a victory in the New Hampshire primary, prompting discussions about his potential campaign strategy and the need to appeal to a broader voter base.

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