Tom Krasovic: Juan Soto did what the Padres expected him to do, right until the end

After being acquired by the Padres 16 months ago, Juan Soto gave an impressive performance during the 2023 season. As a result, he became a valuable trade asset and will be joining the Yankees in exchange for four young pitchers and a catcher. Soto’s exit also provides salary relief, possibly paving the way for center fielder Jung-Hoo Lee to join the Padres. Despite some challenges and struggles, Soto proved to be a valuable asset to the Padres, leading the club in home runs, RBIs, runs, and OPS. His departure will impact the Padres’ lineup, but the addition of new players, including Michael King, shows that the team is evolving and making strategic moves in the trade market. This trade marks an important chapter in the history of both the Padres and the Yankees, and signals new opportunities for the players involved.

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