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Three Exhilarating New Work Plays Capture the Essence of Broadway

Jocelyn Bioh’s “Jaja’s African Hair Braiding,” a tale of African immigrants working in a Harlem hair-braiding shop, is a sparkling Broadway delight filled with colorful characters and brisk, playful dialogue. Whitney White’s direction and the re-creation of real braid hairstyles and salon culture add an extra spark to the production. “Jaja’s African Hair Braiding” is a novel portrayal of Black spaces lovingly portrayed on Broadway.

David Adjmi’s “Stereophonic” offers a unique narrative full of drugs, music, and toxic relationships. This band drama is captivating and engaging, utilizing music to do some of the storytelling. Featuring amazing music written by Will Butler, formerly of Arcade Fire, this production is a meticulously composed and thrilling world filled with Billboard hits, giant bags of cocaine, and ego-driven rock stars.

“Flex,” a Lincoln Center Theater production, tells the story of a high school basketball team in rural Arkansas. This production is a win in all respects, showcasing engaging scriptwriting, dynamic direction, and a strong cast. “Flex” is a story about the clash of beliefs, personalities, priorities, and ambitions among these girls that will captivate audiences, even those who are not typically fans of team Sports.

These exhilarating new work plays showcase the essence of Broadway – vibrant, engaging, and diverse narratives come to life on the stage. These productions are a testament to the richness and vibrancy of contemporary theater.

Vibrant and engaging new plays like “Jaja’s African Hair Braiding,” “Stereophonic,” and “Flex” offer audiences a refreshing and diverse theatrical experience that captures the essence of Broadway. These productions are a testament to the richness and vibrancy of contemporary theater, showcasing captivating narratives and exceptional performances that bring the stage to life. Traversing different themes and genres, these new works of theater underscore the enduring relevance and appeal of live performance and storytelling, captivating audiences and invigorating the theatrical landscape.

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