The significant presence of Trump voters in the rural electorate

Four years ago, JD Hill, a registered Republican and cattle rancher from Greenville, Kentucky, voted for Donald Trump. Now, he plans to do the same in the upcoming Election, despite not being a huge fan of Trump. Hill believes that Joe Biden and the Democrats haven’t paid enough attention to communities like his and feels that Biden is out of touch with rural America.

A recent poll conducted by researchers at Maine’s Colby College found that rural voters overwhelmingly favor Trump, albeit with lukewarm support. Many rural Trump supporters are more so voting against Biden than for Trump, feeling that the president has ignored their issues during his time in office.

Hill’s neighbor, Cindy Hendricks, is also a lifelong Republican and believes that Trump cares more about ensuring Business success in America. She feels that Trump represents strength and has more support for the former president from her and her friends.

Despite Trump’s legal troubles, the poll found that rural supporters, including Hendricks, would still vote for him, believing that any charges against him are fabricated by the Democrats to keep him from office. Many rural voters see Trump as a “great disruptor” who pushes the boundaries of traditional government.

It’s evident from the poll and research that rural voters lean more toward the Republican Party and have disdain for Biden’s policies. A sense of economic angst and feeling forgotten by politicians at state and federal levels have contributed to rural and small-town voters rejecting positive information about the Democrats’ economic record.

Hill is concerned that if Biden is reelected, the country could suffer economically, specifically impacting the farming, cattle, and hog industries. He believes that Biden’s leadership qualities are not what the country needs right now and hopes for a new direction that prioritizes rural America.

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