BT customers accidentally billed for Xbox Game Pass without their knowledge

BT Customers Charged for Xbox Game Pass Without Consent
By Tom Gerken
January 26, 2024

Some BT customers have reported being unknowingly signed up for and charged for Xbox Game Pass on their internet bills. The gaming subscription has added an extra £10 per month to their bills without their knowledge or consent.

Complaints about the issue have been surfacing on BT’s online forums for several months, with affected customers expressing concern and frustration. While those who spoke to the BBC were able to receive refunds, they described the experience as worrying.

In response to the reports, BT apologized and advised customers to remain vigilant for similar issues. A spokesperson for the company told the BBC, “We recommend that all of our customers remain vigilant and if they notice changes to their account that are suspicious, to contact us as soon as possible to report this. We will support and guide them on how to take steps to ensure their account is secure.”

The cause and extent of the problem are currently unclear, with reports dating back to as early as October 2023. Some customers discovered the unauthorized charges by checking their bills, while others received emails thanking them for activating the subscription, despite not having done so themselves.

Affected customers like Sue from London and Matt from East Sussex expressed their concerns about the issue, with Sue recounting her shock at discovering the additional charge on her account and Matt highlighting the worry that others may be affected without noticing.

BT has acknowledged the issue and provided refunds to those affected, but concerns remain about the breadth and potential impact of the problem. Customers who have experienced similar issues are encouraged to reach out to BT and report any suspicious activities on their accounts.

If you have been unexpectedly charged for Xbox Game Pass on your BT bill, we want to hear from you. Share your experiences by emailing Please include a contact number if you are willing to speak to a BBC journalist.

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