Car Plunges Into Water from Virginia Fishing Pier, Recovery Efforts Underway

A vehicle drove off a Virginia fishing pier and became fully submerged in ocean waters early Saturday morning, prompting recovery efforts, police said. The incident occurred at the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier, with a car crashing through the wooden pier gates before plunging into the water. Witnesses reported the car driving along the pier before the accident occurred.

The number of occupants in the vehicle is unknown, and police presume anyone in the submerged vehicle to be dead. The motive of the driver is also unclear. A marine patrol unit with sonar equipment has been called in to assist with locating the vehicle in the water. Recovery efforts and the investigation into the incident are ongoing.

The Virginia Beach Fishing Pier, which is located along a three-mile boardwalk in the southeastern Virginia city, is currently closed for the season.

The historic Virginia Beach Fishing Pier has been a popular tourist attraction for decades, offering stunning views of the coastline and providing opportunities for fishing and sightseeing. The pier has been featured in numerous films and television shows, making it an iconic location in Virginia Beach.

This dramatic incident has attracted widespread attention and has raised concerns about the safety of the pier and the need for enhanced security measures. Authorities are working diligently to recover the vehicle and determine the cause of the accident. The community is anxiously awaiting updates on this developing story.

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