St. Louis Circuit Attorney Gabe Gore will run for full term

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Gabe Gore Announces Run for Re-Election

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Gabe Gore has officially announced his candidacy for a full term as the city’s top prosecutor. The 54-year-old Democrat, who previously worked as a partner at the Dowd Bennett firm, took over the city prosecutor’s office earlier this year and is now seeking Election to continue his work.

Gore’s decision to run for elected office comes after the departure of former St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly M. Gardner, who faced challenges from state lawmakers and a lawsuit seeking her removal. Gore was appointed to the post by Gov. Mike Parson and has since made significant strides in addressing the office’s staffing and caseload issues.

Under Gore’s leadership, the prosecutor’s office has seen an increase in case filings and is set to revive a unit to review wrongful conviction claims. His initiatives also include diverting more cases away from criminal prosecution in favor of diversion programs addressing issues like substance abuse.

Gore’s candidacy comes amidst the backdrop of major reform efforts in the criminal justice system, as more progressive approaches to prosecution are being embraced nationwide. As the Democratic primary Election for circuit attorney is scheduled for August, and the primary Election for November, Gore’s entry into the race sets the stage for a potentially pivotal moment in the city’s criminal justice system.

The historic background of this topic includes the challenges faced by Gore’s predecessor and the ongoing efforts to reform and improve the city’s prosecutor’s office. It also marks a significant shift towards a more progressive and community-focused approach to prosecution in St. Louis.

Overall, Gore’s announcement to run for re-Election as circuit attorney marks a significant development in the city’s legal landscape, with potentially far-reaching implications for the future of criminal justice in St. Louis.

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