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Online gaming has become a great way for people to engage socially. Many people from Gen-Z and Gen Alpha have gone on to make online friends via the chatrooms in online games and through talking to each other on the microphone.

For the last ten years, this has been the norm for those who love to game this was mainly through gaming consoles. In 1999, voice chat was made possible in Sega Dreamcast and in the year 2001, Sony released a Network adapter for the wildly successful PlayStation 2 that allowed the same function.

Now that voice chat and text chat are common in online games, players have found new ways to develop their social skills. AI has introduced interactions with chatbots and has begun to offer social prompts in some chatrooms for shy players.

In online casinos, chatbots or AI-assisted robots exist in some games for troubleshooting purposes. In live casino games, they are common as they can solve queries quickly and determine outcomes without error.

In the world of Bitcoin casino, the platforms in which they operate are decentralized which means there aren’t limits geographically to who can play. This means players from all over the world can connect in different games thanks to blockchain Technology that allows players to connect fairly and safely.

While Bitcoin casinos are fairly popular for many reasons, exploring how they encourage social connection is not a highly covered subject. We will cover how Bitcoin casinos can create such personalized opportunities for social connection thanks to their Technology.

Decentralized messaging platforms

As Bitcoin operates on a decentralized network, it is common in Bitcoin casinos to have decentralized messaging platforms available. Available on their platforms are live chat rooms where players online can talk to each other easily without fail.

Assuming the chatrooms are decentralized, it may be possible for players in Bitcoin tournaments to chat with a level of anonymity if they are just trying to level up or win rewards.

There is no doubt that Bitcoin revolutionized online casinos, but the online chatrooms via blockchain Technology, have allowed socialisation for players to be smooth.

As players have cryptographic keys online, meaning a unique code that is their player identity, it is hard to track down others online unless you play frequently with them. In a way, this kind of can encourage players to become friends with those they play with often in Bitcoin tournaments.

Bitcoin tournaments and customization

Briefly touching on the subject, Bitcoin tournaments are a big part of socialisation in the online space. You will often see tournaments advertised in these casinos that can operate on a peer-to-peer betting system.

This means that players can organise the tournaments themselves through smart contracts.

In Bitcoin casinos, smart contracts can be used to create the terms of different player’s bets or to establish the rules of a tournament if they aren’t already predetermined.

Using this method for those who engage in Bitcoin tournaments ensures there is no hostility towards teammates or fellow gamers as there is no room for disagreement because the rules of the tournaments are already put in place. The environment between players will remain friendly and relaxed because of smart contracts.

Linking Social Media Platforms to Bitcoin casinos

Although not necessarily powered by Bitcoin casinos, with the anonymity provided by these platforms, some Bitcoin casinos offer the option to link your social media to your account. As identities on the blockchain are untraceable for most players, linking social pages to their accounts offers players the chance to open themselves up to others for friendship.

Alternatively, players can use the social media linking service to connect with other players outside the platform to encourage discussion about their gameplay, tournament strategies or other topics. In general, this creates a separate community of social gamblers away from the Bitcoin casino or its related forums that enables trust between players.

Through the forums provided by the casino, the comments and chat threads that will be stored on the blockchain that does add an extra layer of privacy to players’ conversations that on some online gaming systems, isn’t possible thanks to data storage.

Reward Systems for Participation and Social Interaction

While some may debate how social online casinos are the market size for social casino games was valued at around $6,622.62 million in 2022 and we know that people are playing! To encourage gameplay, some Bitcoin casinos implement rewards and achievements for players based on social interaction.

For example, they may receive some tokens if they comment on a discussion thread, or be rewarded with an achievement when they refer a friend with a link to the site.

When focusing on socialisation, commenting, liking and messaging will be the biggest indicator of the rewards players can earn. With a coin as popular as Bitcoin, avid players will be inclined to get involved in online communities and interact with other players if they can earn rewards for it!

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