See beauty and heritage of Ethiopia now at the Walters

The Walters Art Museum is set to host the “Ethiopia at the Crossroads” exhibition from Dec. 3 to March 3, 2024, in collaboration with the Peabody Essex Museum and the Toledo Museum of Art. This exhibition will showcase the rich history and cultural heritage of Ethiopia, featuring artifacts from several Ethiopian ethnic groups, including the Harari women’s basket-making art.

The curator, Christine Sciacca, along with the museum management, trustees, and board members, have worked tirelessly to bring this cultural extravaganza to life. Their dedication and vision have made it possible to share hundreds of years of Ethiopian history and culture with the heart of Baltimore. The exhibition’s inclusive approach highlights the Walters Art Museum’s commitment to inclusivity, equity, and diversity, making it a truly commendable endeavor.

A community advisor for the exhibition, A. Kamus, expressed deep pride in seeing the stories and cultural heritage of the Harari ethnic group shared with the wider community. The exhibition not only showcases the artistic masterpieces of Ethiopia but also serves as a bridge between cultures, fostering understanding and appreciation.

The exhibition is a celebration of unity, diversity, and the universal threads that connect us all. It provides an invaluable cultural experience for the United States, offering the opportunity for visitors to witness the beauty and richness of Ethiopian heritage.

Throughout history, Ethiopia has been a hub of cultural and artistic expression. The country’s diverse ethnic groups have contributed to a vibrant and distinctive artistic tradition, which is reflected in the artifacts and art showcased in the exhibition.

The “Ethiopia at the Crossroads” exhibition at the Walters Art Museum will undoubtedly be a not-to-be-missed cultural event, bringing to light the beauty and significance of Ethiopian heritage. We encourage everyone in Baltimore and beyond to take this opportunity to immerse themselves in this unique and enriching experience.

Thank you, Walters Art Museum, for bringing this invaluable cultural experience to the United States.

— A. Kamus, Silver Spring

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