“Sundance Film ‘Eternal You’ delves into AI technology attempting to preserve the essence of the deceased” – St George News

A groundbreaking new film premiering at the Sundance Film Festival’s 40th Anniversary in Park City this week is set to challenge the boundaries of life and death. “Eternal You” explores the concept of creating artificial intelligence avatars of deceased loved ones, allowing people to continually interact with those who have passed on.

The film follows a man working on a website that offers AI likenesses of the deceased, as well as a dive into the new businesses offering artificial intelligence to create avatars of the dead. As Technology continues to advance, the line between actual and simulated life becomes increasingly blurred, prompting the question of the ethical responsibility of such creations.

The filmmakers, Hans Block and Moritz Riesewiek, began conceptualizing the film in 2018, when the idea of AI in the afterlife still seemed far-fetched. However, in recent years, the topic has become a “serious tech trend,” with the emergence of digital startups from around the world competing in the market for digital immortality.

The movie also delves into the psychological consequences of using AI to reconnect with deceased loved ones, prompting viewers to consider the potential impacts on those who choose to resurrect their deceased family members and communicate with them in this manner.

Furthermore, the film introduces real-life characters who are involved in the development and implementation of this technology, illustrating how quickly society is adapting to these technological advancements.

However, “Eternal You” also prompts important questions about the potential downsides of such immersive encounters with the deceased, compelling audiences to consider the psychological and ethical consequences of engaging with AI replicas of the dead. As the boundaries between life and death continue to blur, the film raises important ethical and moral questions about the future of technology and its impact on human relationships.

The film “Eternal You” is a thought-provoking exploration of the intersection between technology and humanity, offering a unique perspective on the potential future of digital immortality. With its in-depth look at the ethical, psychological, and technological implications of creating AI avatars of the deceased, the film challenges audiences to consider the potential consequences of this rapidly advancing technology.

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