Family of Savanah Soto involved in physical altercation with brother’s alleged murderer in court

The tragic deaths of 18-year-old Savanah Soto and her 22-year-old boyfriend, Matthew Guerra, have left the San Antonio community reeling. The couple went missing on December 23, with Soto on the verge of being induced into labor on the same day. Their bodies were found three days later in a vehicle on the northwest side of the Colinas Medical Apartments in San Antonio.

The deaths are especially heartbreaking for the Soto family, who had already suffered the loss of their 15-year-old son, Ethan, in May 2022. Ethan’s accused killer, Victor Nathaneal Rivas, was on trial when members of the Soto family attacked him in court, leading to a violent brawl. Four people, including two adult males and two juvenile males, were arrested in connection with the incident.

The tragic events surrounding the Soto family have shed light on the cycle of violence and tragedy that has plagued their lives. Savanah’s mother, Gloria Cordova, expressed disbelief that her daughter would have willingly run away, especially after what had happened with her brother. The family’s grief has been compounded by the circumstances leading up to Savanah’s disappearance, and her untimely death alongside her boyfriend.

Social media users have raised concerns about the possibility of domestic abuse in Savanah and Guerra’s relationship, with one person claiming to have witnessed Guerra physically assaulting Savanah on multiple occasions. Guerra’s mother vehemently denied these accusations, stating that her son would never harm his girlfriend. The complexities of their relationship only add to the tragic nature of the situation.

The community and law enforcement are left grappling with the complexity and perplexity of the crime scene, with police now investigating the deaths of Savanah and Guerra as possible homicides. The heartbreaking loss of two young lives, coupled with the tragic history of the Soto family, has left the San Antonio community mourning and searching for answers.

As the investigation into these tragic deaths continues, the community must come together to support the Soto family and navigate the complexities of this heartbreaking situation. The Soto family’s story serves as a stark reminder of the impact of violence and the importance of advocating for victims of abuse. The untimely deaths of Savanah and Guerra will be mourned by the community, and the hope for justice and healing remains at the forefront of this heartbreaking tragedy.

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