Santa Claus from Utah goes fly fishing in the Provo River

Motorists in Provo Canyon were treated to a unique sight this Christmas season as Santa Claus himself, also known as Rudy Schenk, was spotted fly-fishing in the Provo River at Vivian Park. Dressed in full Santa attire, complete with gaiters and a white beard, Schenk attracted the attention of passing drivers who honked and waved at him in delight.

Accompanied by his friend Brett Prettyman, who handed out candy canes to onlookers, Schenk has made this a holiday tradition for the past two years. The idea of a fly-fishing Santa was born out of a desire to spread Christmas cheer in a unique and memorable way.

The sight of Santa fishing in the river was not only appreciated by passing motorists, but also caught the attention of a Utah Division of Wildlife Resources conservation officer, Devin Shirley. Shirley approached Schenk and Prettyman, eventually requesting to see Schenk’s fishing license, to which the jolly fisherman obliged, even posing for a quick photo with the officer.

Despite his festive attire and good cheer, Schenk’s fishing trip did not yield any catches, proving that even Santa can walk away empty-handed from the river. But the joy he brought to the onlookers and the sense of holiday spirit he shared made his presence a memorable and heartwarming experience for all.

This tradition of a fly-fishing Santa adds a touch of holiday magic to the local community and is a delightful instance of Christmas creativity. It serves as a reminder of the joy and cheer that the holiday season can bring, and the unique ways in which people find to spread that Christmas spirit.

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