10 Works and Performances That Helped Me Make Sense of 2023

“Fat Ham” concludes with Juicy expressing his desire to continue, and the characters then begin cleaning the stage, suggesting a shared trauma. This resonated deeply with me during a difficult time last spring. Although at first, I was hesitant to see the play, the clever transformation of a classic story through the character of Juicy left a lasting impact. Similarly, the powerful and heart-wrenching performances in the last season of “Succession” and A.V. Rockwell’s debut feature “A Thousand and One” allowed me to find solace and understanding amidst grief and despair. The film “Past Lives” and plays “Purlie Victorious,” “American Fiction,” and “Prima Facie” also made profound impressions on me, each in their own unique way. Lastly, the final season of “Reservation Dogs” and Beyoncé’s “Renaissance” world tour offered a beautiful and affirming message of healing and community that spoke to me during a challenging time.

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