“University of Chicago expert on motivation offers 7 helpful tips for maintaining New Year’s resolutions”

As of 2024 approaches, YouGov, an international online research groyp, conducted a recent public poll and found that approximately one third of American adults plan to make New Year’s resolutions. However, maintaining these resolutions can be a challenge. According to a survey, only 36% of those who made resolutions believed that they will be able to stick with them through 2024.

Ayelet Fishbach, a University of Chicago Booth School of Business professor, suggested a different approach to framing and pursuing resolutions can lead to more success in the long term. She provided seven tips aimed to help individuals keep their resolutions. These tips focused on maintaining motivation to achieve long-term goals.

Fishbach recommended finding immediate rewards for completing resolutions, avoiding “avoidance” resolutions, giving advice, breaking down the resolution into short-term goals, prioritizing social support, and quantifying goals. For instance, using numbers and time spans makes it easier to monitor progress and stay accountable.

She also emphasized the importance of social support, advising individuals to consider who else is helping to achieve their goals and how loved ones can be supportive. She also suggested following others online who are also pursuing similar goals and objectives.

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