Young Najiah Knight aspires to become the first woman to reach the top level of bull riding, but she faces significant obstacles in achieving her dream.

LAS VEGAS — Najiah Knight, a 17-year-old high school junior from small-town Oregon, is on a mission to become the first woman to compete at the top level of the Professional Bull Riders tour. She is preparing to join the tour next year, once she turns 18. Despite the fierce competition that awaits her, Najiah is fearless and determined. She has been competing in junior bull riding events, and despite facing injuries and setbacks, she remains focused on her goal. With the support of her family, she’s been strategically building her career through sponsorships, social media presence, and focus on maintaining good grades. While her ambition is undeniably bold, she remains undeterred and ready for the challenges ahead. Despite the obstacles she faces as a young woman in a male-dominated sport, Najiah remains confident in her ability, and her unwavering determination is evident to everyone around her.

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