Kettle ringer in Palos Heights trades in bell for brass

Argentinian musician, Marcos Gutierrez, has been volunteering with the Salvation Army to raise money for their Blue Island Worship and Community Center. Using his trombone, Gutierrez plays holiday and popular songs in an effort to inspire donations to the organization during their bell ringing season, which runs from Nov. 11 to Dec. 23. Working two to three days a week outside grocery stores, Gutierrez preservers through cold weather and long hours because he believes in the importance of the work he is doing for the community.

This effort is particularly meaningful to Gutierrez as it is part of his internship and job training as he prepares to start seminary at the Salvation Army. His passion, hard work and dedication have made an impression on his supervisor, Lt. Shannon Norcross, who has received positive feedback from the community about Gutierrez’s impact on their day.

Gutierrez’s music has attracted more attention and donations, helping the Blue Island center come close to its fundraising goal of $90,000. The funds raised will go towards various programs and services offered by the Salvation Army to help those in need within the local community.

As Saturday marks the end of the bell ringing season, Gutierrez hopes to continue entertaining and inspiring people with his music while raising money for a good cause. He plans to play familiar songs so that passersby can sing along and have a meaningful experience.

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