Meghan Jones makes history with Chicago Cubs: ‘It’s not lost on me the importance of having representation at this level’

Meghan Jones has always been passionate about Sports. Her journey in the Sports industry has evolved over the last seven years, from being hired as the executive assistant to the president of baseball operations and general manager of the Chicago Cubs in 2016, to recently being promoted to vice president of baseball strategy, marking her as the first woman to hold a VP title in baseball operations in franchise history.

Jones never had a clear plan when she joined the Cubs, but she was determined to make an impact. Her dedication and drive quickly stood out to her colleagues, leading to her taking on increasingly important roles within the organization. She has been instrumental in various initiatives, including co-founding the Cubs’ CASE Study Program and playing a crucial role in player recruitment and partnerships with organizations like the NWSL’s Chicago Red Stars.

The promotion of Jared Banner to assistant general manager further highlights the Cubs’ commitment to diversity and inclusion within the front office. With two African American assistant general managers, the Cubs are taking steps towards creating a more diverse and representative leadership team, with an eye towards future leadership and talent development within the organization.

These moves reflect a broader shift within Major League Baseball to improve diversity and representation within the sport, from front offices to the field. Programs like the DEI fellowship and efforts to diversify entry-level positions demonstrate a commitment to bringing people from different backgrounds into the sport and providing opportunities for growth and advancement.

As the Cubs continue to prioritize diversity and inclusion within the organization, the hope is that these efforts will not only benefit the team and the sport as a whole but also provide inspiration and hope to aspiring individuals looking to make an impact in the Sports industry. The promotion of Meghan Jones and Jared Banner serves as a testament to the progress being made and the ongoing commitment to creating a more inclusive and representative future for baseball.

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