10 Champagne alternatives, budget bubbles to toast in 2024

Wine lovers know that there’s something special about Champagne during the holidays. However, the term “Champagne” is often misused to refer to any sparkling wine, which the European Union and the Champenois have raised trademark disputes about.

Despite the push for Champagne, there are many other sparkling wine options that are underappreciated. While Champagne is often seen as expensive and has a sharp acidity, there are other styles of sparkling wine that offer elegance and complexity for a lower price.

Italian Franciacorta, Spanish Cava, and French Crémant appellations are just a few examples of regions with sparkling wines made in the traditional Champagne style. These wines offer a more affordable alternative to Champagne with comparable quality.

At Maple & Ash, a group of restaurants, non-Champagne sparkling wines are a popular choice due to their approachable price points. At Daisies, a pasta specialist, a variety of sparkling wines are offered as alternatives to Champagne.

For those seeking a less acidic taste in sparkling wine, Italian Prosecco and Spanish Cava provide a softer, more approachable flavor profile. Meanwhile, German riesling sekt offers a unique, fruit-forward experience for those craving more fruit and floral tones in their sparkling wine.

With the holiday season approaching, there are many sparkling wine options to consider. From Crémant de Loire to Franciacorta and Prosecco, there are many high-quality alternatives to Champagne. These wines offer a range of flavors and styles to suit any occasion.

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