Ex-Ald. Ed Burke trial: Defense makes their case

Lawyers for ex-Ald. Edward Burke sought to depict him as an honest player in city Business who was taken advantage of by an untrustworthy FBI informant. The defense argued that while there was a scheme, Burke was the target, not the mastermind, and never took official action in exchange for anything of value. They characterized the case as a result of overzealous government agents and puppeteering by alderman-turned-FBI cooperator Daniel Solis. The defense also highlighted Solis’s own corruption and portrayed him as a liar and manipulator who was relentless in trying to get developers to hire Burke’s law firm. The trial recessed before closing arguments could be completed, with the deliberations set to begin the following Monday. The government argued the indictments against Burke are supported by recordings of him trying to use his public power to get Business for his private firm. The prosecution also pointed out Burke’s discriminatory comments about Jewish lawyers, particularly his derogatory comments about Jews being more inclined to work with other Jews.

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