Oak Park will require migrants to move out of hotel, YMCA by Jan. 31

Oak Park officials announce eviction of migrants from two locations, citing unsustainable effort

In a recent announcement, Oak Park village officials disclosed that all migrants housed in two locations will be required to move out by January 31. The approximately 160 people currently residing at The Carleton of Oak Park hotel and the West Cook YMCA will be asked to work with case managers or village staff to find new shelter. The goal is to possibly move them to another city or state if they have stable housing there, with the village offering assistance in relocating to the Chicago shelter program for those unable to find shelter.

A village memo cited the strain on resources as the reason for the eviction, noting that Oak Park had declared an emergency to provide lodging for the migrants but the effort is now deemed unsustainable. Village Trustee Ravi Parakkat expressed sympathy, stating, “It’s an unfortunate situation. We’re not leading them anywhere. It’s just housing in a temporary shelter, which doesn’t get them closer to any of the reasons they made their trek to this country.”

The village had previously authorized about $1 million in emergency funding to house migrants in the hotel, YMCA, and a church. However, officials recognized that larger governments such as Chicago, the state of Illinois, and the federal government have the capacity to address migration issues more effectively.

The influx of migrants to the area has sparked discussions and concerns among officials, residents, and nonprofit groups about the allocation of resources and the need for more permanent housing solutions. Oak Park has faced challenges in accommodating new arrivals, particularly as record migration from the nation’s southern border has led to increased pressure on cities like Chicago to find suitable shelter for asylum-seekers.

Historically, Illinois has budgeted at least $160 million for the migrants in Chicago, but local officials are pleading for more funding and coordination to address the ongoing migration issues.

As the eviction deadline approaches, there are hopes that nonprofit groups such as Housing Forward will be able to assist those being displaced in finding more permanent housing solutions. However, no specific site has been publicly identified at this time. The village is seeking additional funding to accommodate the needs of both the migrant population and other marginalized groups in the area.

For further information on asylum-seeker eligibility and available resources, the village website provides additional details. Residents and stakeholders are encouraged to stay updated on developments related to migrant housing and resources in the area.

It is important to note that this article is a representation of the current situation and is subject to updates and developments. For any inquiries, please contact the village authorities or relevant nonprofit organizations for the latest information.

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