A Christmas tree lot in Richton Park and ‘crazy lights’ in Flossmoor highlight holiday traditions

In early December, Krampuses began appearing all over social media and in conversations. The Krampus is a counterpart to Santa Claus, meant to scare bad children. It has become popular in recent years, even though most people, like me, were unaware of it. Krampus has become a new tradition, even though it’s based in European folklore. Traditions, sights and smells are what make the holidays special. For some people, getting a live Christmas tree was a cherished tradition, but fewer businesses offer them. The Business of growing Christmas trees is becoming less profitable, and many are getting out of the industry. In some areas, outdoor lighting is becoming the norm, bringing neighbors together. In Flossmoor, a neighborhood has come together to create a large, unique lighting display. It started with one house and has grown into a community tradition. The lights are now a December aesthetic for the whole area.

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