Chicago sues operators of ‘rogue buses’ of migrants

Mayor Brandon Johnson’s administration has taken steps to address the influx of migrants arriving in Chicago, including filing lawsuits against “rogue buses” transporting migrants and implementing new rules for when and where buses can drop off passengers. The increased enforcement efforts aim to ensure the safety and orderly arrival of asylum-seekers in the city.

Since the implementation of the new rules in mid-November, the city has filed 55 lawsuits addressing 77 buses accused of violating the rules. The Mayor’s office has emphasized the importance of holding bus companies accountable for endangering the lives of newly arriving migrants.

The city’s crackdown on buses includes caps on the number of buses allowed per hour and specific drop-off times during the week. It also requires intercity buses to apply for approval from the city before dropping off passengers. The Mayor’s office is now seeking the ability to impound buses that don’t follow the rules and fine owners up to $3,000.

This recent push for stricter enforcement comes as the city continues to welcome an increasing number of asylum-seekers. Since May, 463 buses have arrived in Chicago, with recent drop-offs occurring in locations outside the city, such as Schiller Park, Rosemont, and Cicero.

Additionally, city officials have announced plans to issue notices to migrants at city-run shelters to vacate the premises within 60 days and increase personnel at initial bus landing spots to help asylum-seekers relocate out of the city.

Historically, Chicago has been a hub for immigrants and refugees seeking safety and opportunity in the United States. The city has a long-standing tradition of welcoming diverse communities and providing support for those in need.

As the situation with incoming migrants continues to evolve, the Mayor’s office is working to find alternative housing solutions and address environmental concerns related to proposed camp sites.

The ongoing efforts to manage the influx of migrants in Chicago reflect the city’s commitment to providing a welcoming and safe environment for those seeking asylum in the United States. For more information on this topic, contact or

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