Two babies infected with rare bacteria sometimes found in powdered infant formula

Two infants infected by dangerous bacteria, causing one death and brain damage in Missouri. The bacteria, cronobacter sakazakii, was found in powdered infant formula made by Abbott Nutrition, the company at the center of a crisis last year. Federal Health officials confirmed two cases of infections caused by the bacteria, and while there is no evidence of a broader public Health concern at this time, the tragic cases underscore the overlooked risk of powdered formula, particularly for premature babies.

Historically, Cronobacter sakazakii has been linked to contaminated powdered infant formula and has previously caused illnesses in babies. The bacteria are naturally found in the environment and can contaminate the formula after the packaging is opened.

The cases of infection highlight the need for better education for parents and caregivers about how to prepare and use powdered infant formula. Particularly for babies born prematurely, who are vulnerable to illnesses caused by the germ due to their underdeveloped immune systems.

The tragic cases also led to a lawsuit against Abbott Nutrition, claiming the company sold a defective product and should have warned parents of premature babies of the risks associated with powdered formula.

This news article comes as a warning to parents to be cautious with powdered infant formula, and federal officials are urging formula manufacturers to step up efforts to prevent contamination at manufacturing plants. The potential long-term effects of these infections on affected infants and their families demonstrate the importance of strict control and regulation in the production and handling of infant formula.

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