CEO of Sun-Times, WBEZ parent company stepping down

The CEO of Chicago Public Media, Matt Moog, announced that he will be stepping down after two years of leading the nonprofit organization. This move comes after the merger of NPR radio station WBEZ and tabloid newspaper Chicago Sun-Times. Moog, a tech entrepreneur, plans to return to his roots following his departure as CEO.

The merger of WBEZ-FM 91.5 and the Sun-Times was a major milestone for nonprofit journalism. Under Moog’s leadership, Chicago Public Media has seen significant growth and evolution, including the creation of one of the largest nonprofit newsrooms in the country.

The transformation of the Sun-Times from a struggling for-profit newspaper to a nonprofit news organization has been funded by philanthropic support and has allowed the newspaper to reach a broader audience through a voluntary digital membership program. This shift has resulted in an increase in the newspaper’s readership and has paved the way for its future growth.

Historically, the Sun-Times has faced financial challenges, including bankruptcy and ownership changes. The recent transition to a nonprofit model has positioned the newspaper for sustainable growth and continued relevance in the digital age.

Chicago Public Media, the parent organization of WBEZ, continues to experience leadership changes as it navigates the evolving media landscape. With Moog’s impending departure, the organization will embark on a new search for its next CEO. This transition represents a new chapter in the history of Chicago Public Media and the future of nonprofit journalism.

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