NBC News projects Biden and Trump as winners

Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley suggested Representative Dean Phillips should exit the race, stating that he had been given a fair opportunity to get his message across and that other states may not be as welcoming. Buckley emphasized that Phillips should take his nearly 20% result as a win and turn his attention toward contributing to a successful November for the Democratic party. Former United Nations ambassador and South Carolina governor Nikki Haley, after her second-place finish in New Hampshire, pledged to keep pushing forward in her bid for the Republican nomination, with her sights set on South Carolina. President Trump declared victory in Nevada, despite the fact that the state has yet to vote in the primaries, due to the state GOP’s refusal to hold a state-run primary. Trump’s victory speech also included jabs at Haley and numerous shouts of accomplishment. After his projected win, Trump invited former GOP rivals-turned-allies to address the crowd during his victory speech. In response to the possibility of a strong performance in her home state, South Carolina, Nikki Haley was met with skepticism from Sen. Lindsey Graham, who took to social media to voice his opposition to her hopeful assessment. Haley also plans to address U.S. Virgin Islands GOP members tomorrow via Zoom. Although these three voters in New Hampshire initially supported Biden in 2020, they indicated that they would vote for Trump if he wins the Republican nomination. They voted for Haley in the primary, citing her as a candidate who “speaks her mind.” Trump criticized Haley and threatened to “waste money” on her campaign. Additionally, he stressed in an interview that the focus should be on ensuring Joe Biden does not win the 2024 general election.

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