A Wedding That’s Also a Rave? More Couples Say ‘I Do.’

When Stephen Le Duc posted on a Reddit forum proposing a meet-up at a music festival, he never expected to meet his future wife. The mechanical engineer was headed solo to the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas in 2019, an annual dance music festival, when he met Olivia Le Duc, who had responded to his post. By the end of the festival, they had fallen in love.

Two years later at the same festival, Mr. Le Duc, now 38, proposed to Ms. Le Duc, a 28-year-old e-commerce merchandiser, by trading “kandi” bracelets that spelled out “marry me.” Their unconventional love story led to their wedding at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, Calif., where they had a rave-themed celebration.

In recent years, many couples have opted for non-traditional weddings, often prioritizing music and dance over traditional ceremonies. According to The Knot, searches for electronic dance music D.J.s have increased by 156 percent in the first nine months of this year compared to the same period a year ago.

At the Le Ducs’ wedding, a piano rendition of their favorite EDM song played as Olivia walked down the aisle, and they exchanged kandi bracelets during the ceremony. The couple incorporated elements of rave culture, such as mentioning “PLUR,” which stands for “Peace, Love, Unity, Respect.”

This trend of festival-like weddings has been popular among affluent couples for years. Wedding D.J. Vikas Sapra noted that he has worked at weddings with million-dollar budgets and wild parties that have gone on until the early morning with pyrotechnics and a variety of substances.

In the United States, cities like Palm Springs have become popular locations for alternative outdoor weddings, and many couples are opting for rave-themed receptions with extravagant light displays, CO2 guns, and cold sparklers.

Couples are increasingly prioritizing their own desires over traditional wedding expectations, with weddings now more centering around the couple’s passions and interests. For couples like the Le Ducs and others, the goal of their unconventional weddings is to share their love of music and dance with their communities, even if it means breaking traditions.

In conclusion, the trend of festival-like weddings, influenced by rave culture and electronic dance music, continues to grow in popularity among couples looking for non-traditional ways to celebrate their love. This trend reflects a broader cultural shift towards individualized expressions of love and marriage.

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