Poll: Most adults aren’t satisfied with a Trump vs. Biden rematch

The upcoming 2024 presidential Election is not generating much excitement among independent voters, a crucial group that often influences the outcome of elections. A new poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research reveals that the potential rematch between President Joe Biden and Donald Trump is not generating enthusiasm among Americans.

This lack of excitement is evident across both parties, with more Republicans expressing satisfaction with Trump as their nominee than Democrats with Biden. The palpable apathy from voters comes as no surprise, as both Biden and Trump face relatively few obstacles in securing their parties’ nominations for the upcoming Election. Biden has gained broad support from Democratic officials while a few token primary challengers struggle to gain momentum. Despite facing 91 indictments across four criminal cases, including attempts to overturn his electoral loss to Biden in 2020, Trump’s hold on GOP primary voters remains strong.

Independent voters share similar sentiments. Randy Johnson, a Republican from Missouri, expressed disappointment in the limited choices, stating, “We’re down to the lesser of two evils.” Andrew Collins, an independent from Maine, described the Election as having “the most uniquely horrible choice.” Meanwhile, Deborah Brophy, an independent who supported Biden in the 2020 Election, voiced her disillusionment with the president, stating that she felt Biden is too focused on dealing with conflicts abroad rather than addressing issues within the country.

The lack of enthusiasm for the potential candidates is reflected in the poll results, with over half of U.S. adults expressing dissatisfaction with both Biden and Trump. The sentiment is particularly strong among independent voters, with 43% stating they would be dissatisfied with both candidates gaining party nominations.

The poll also highlighted that having a candidate who can win the general Election is a priority for both Democrats and Republicans. Over three-quarters of Democrats and seven in 10 Republicans believe it’s important that their party’s nomination process results in a candidate who can win the general Election.

Looking ahead, the road to the 2024 Election seems to be a challenging one, with voters expressing their dissatisfaction with the potential candidates. As the political landscape continues to evolve, it remains to be seen how the upcoming Election will unfold and whether there will be a shift in voter sentiment.

Historically, presidential elections have been pivotal moments in shaping the direction of the country. From memorable debates to impactful policy decisions, each Election has left a lasting impact on the American political landscape. As the nation prepares for the 2024 Election, it is crucial to engage in informed discussions and analysis to understand the potential outcomes and significance of this moment in history.

The poll was conducted Nov. 30 – Dec. 4, 2023, with a sample drawn from NORC’s probability-based AmeriSpeak Panel, designed to represent the U.S. population. The margin of sampling error for all respondents is plus or minus 4.0 percentage points.

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