Future Policing: Law Enforcement Agencies Embrace Technological Advancements

Knoxville Police Department Explores Cutting-Edge Policing Technology

The Knoxville Police Department recently had the opportunity to experience the future of policing technology firsthand. Axon, a leading company in creating equipment for law enforcement officers, visited the Knoxville Public Safety Building to showcase its latest gadgets, including drones, body cameras, and virtual reality training tools.

The virtual reality training provided by Axon allows officers to practice handling dangerous situations in a simulated environment. KPD officials noted that the body cameras, which have been in use for a few years, have also proven to be valuable for training purposes.

Julia Small, Technology Manager for KPD, highlighted the benefits of reviewing body camera footage for training purposes. “We’re able to look at those from a supervisor perspective. Does this officer need training on how to better handle a situation? Can we take this example and use it to train other personnel?” she explained.

In addition to virtual reality training and body cameras, Axon showcased a security camera database that allows businesses to grant permission for law enforcement agencies to access their real-time video footage in the event of a crime. This technology, as described by Jim Price, Account Executive for Fusus by Axon Products, provides officers with crucial real-time awareness before arriving at a scene.

Small mentioned that KPD is actively considering incorporating this technology and will be seeking bids for its implementation. The showcase, attended by various law enforcement agencies, including Caryville Police Department and TEMA, highlights the potential for this technology to benefit agencies across the region.

As law enforcement agencies continue to adapt and evolve in the digital age, the utilization of innovative technologies like those presented by Axon can enhance officer safety and efficiency in protecting the community.

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