All Together Now: Dance Takes Over the Perelman Arts Center

The Perelman Arts Center, a glamorous, gleaming marble cube, is currently hosting dance productions “The March” and “Is It Thursday Yet?” Although it is impressive that the Perelman would devote its new building to dance for a few weeks, unfortunately, the productions themselves don’t rise to the opportunity.

“The March” is a three-part dance production, featuring choreographers Donna Uchizono, Tendayi Kuumba, and Annie-B Parson. The unison sections in “The March” feel purposefully low-key, while “NYSea” presents a stressed-out city dweller receiving advice from a fairy godmother. “The Oath,” which comes last, presents the most controlled performance but fails to impress with its group formations.

On the other hand, “Is It Thursday Yet?” by dancer Jenn Freeman tells the story of her struggle to understand herself after receiving a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder at the age of 33. The show recreates her struggle using home videos from her childhood and conversations with her doctor, but the production lacks impact and fails to fully convey Freeman’s inner life.

In conclusion, although the Perelman Arts Center’s dedication to dance is commendable, the current dance productions fail to fully engage the audience and deliver a meaningful experience.

The Perelman Arts Center, located in New York City, has a rich history of showcasing innovative performing arts. As the arts have evolved, so has the center’s commitment to exploring new talents and performances.

“The March” will continue its run at the Perelman Arts Center through Saturday, while “Is It Thursday Yet?” will be running until December 23. Tickets are available through the center’s website at

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