Teo Yoo and John Magaro on ‘Past Lives’ and Inyeon

The movie wrapped,” You Are Here,” starring Teo Yoo and Jack Magaro has garnered attention for its representation of East Asian actors in romantic lead roles. Both actors expressed their gratitude and surprise at the opportunity to play such roles, which historically have been limited to stereotypes like martial arts or comedy. Yoo, who came to New York to study acting, never imagined he would star in a film like this, while Magaro, originally from Ohio, had never expected to work in film at all.

The film, set in New York City, holds special significance for the actors, as they reminisced about their early days struggling as actors and bartenders in the bustling city. The experience of starring in a film in the same location they once worked as struggling artists was a surreal and emotional moment for both Yoo and Magaro.

In a recent interview, the actors shared their feelings on wrapping the film, as well as their unexpected paths to success in the film industry. Both expressed their disbelief and gratitude at being able to pursue their dreams in such a heightened and luxurious way, thanks to the invention of cinema and the magic of storytelling.

Historically, the representation of East Asian actors in Hollywood has been limited, with many being pigeonholed into stereotypical roles. The success of “You Are Here” is a step forward in breaking these barriers and providing opportunities for actors to play meaningful and diverse characters.

Overall, the emotional journey and surprise success of the film showcase the power of talent and the changing landscape of representation in the film industry. Yoo and Magaro’s unexpected paths to success and their gratitude for the opportunity to star in a groundbreaking film is a testament to the evolving nature of the industry and the power of diverse storytelling.

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