Here’s how Colorado Ballet’s “Nutcracker” ticket prices have changed since 2000

The beloved holiday tradition of “The Nutcracker” has made a triumphant return to Denver. After Colorado Ballet was forced to cancel its entire 2020-21 season due to COVID-19 shutdowns, the refreshed production debuted during the 2021 holiday season, bringing a sense of normalcy back to the city.

“The Nutcracker” has been a staple of the Colorado Ballet’s annual revenue, making up more than half of its $15.5 million total revenue last year. This highlights the vital role that holiday performances play in supporting nonprofit arts organizations, particularly in the wake of the pandemic.

Despite rising ticket prices across the board for Entertainment options, the Denver Post found that the cheapest tickets to “The Nutcracker” have resisted inflation over the last 25 years, increasing by only about $20 during that time. This is particularly noteworthy given U.S. inflation rates, which rose by 8% last year alone.

Historically, U.S. consumers have experienced a cumulative price increase of nearly 70% for goods and services since 2000, while the cheapest tickets to “The Nutcracker” have only increased by 45%. This provides a sense of value for fans of the holiday production.

According to Rachel Perez, Colorado Ballet’s marketing director, the relatively low ticket prices can be attributed to the fact that the sales tax is included in the ticket price. Additionally, the ballet has minimal fees and offers options for online ticket purchases with no additional fees, providing a unique benefit for patrons.

The 2023 run of “The Nutcracker” features 28 performances from November 25 to December 24, with ticket prices ranging from $40 to $175. Despite the potential for high prices, the ballet also offers initiatives such as pay-what-you-can programs and student-pass discounts to make the performances more accessible to a wider audience.

Overall, the ability of “The Nutcracker” ticket prices to remain relatively low, even as the cultural demand and population of the metro area have increased, is a testament to the ballet’s commitment to providing affordable and accessible Entertainment options for the community.

In the face of challenges posed by the pandemic, the return of “The Nutcracker” represents a symbol of resilience and celebration for the Colorado Ballet and the Denver community as a whole. With its enduring popularity and commitment to accessibility, “The Nutcracker” continues to be a holiday tradition that brings joy to audiences of all ages.

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