Nikki Haley focuses on policy over identity politics in potential 2024 presidential run

Nikki Haley faces numerous political hurdles in her bid for her party’s nomination, including gender- and race-related attacks which underscore the challenges facing women and people of color in American Politics. Despite these challenges, Haley has not heavily emphasized her gender or race during her campaign. She has responded to some insults with a light, pointed touch, while also drawing inspiration from political figures such as Margaret Thatcher. Former President Donald Trump has been accused of sexism in his attacks against Haley, leading to some backlash, but she has taken those attacks in stride as a sign of her growing strength in the race. While Haley’s appeal among women, especially moderate women, is based on her authentic and grounded beliefs, she has also faced backlash over her handling of racial issues. Additionally, Haley has not leaned into identity politics but appears to be doing so more as her campaign progresses. Despite some support, she faces challenges within her own party, as Republican voters do not seem to view electing a woman president as very important. Nonetheless, Haley has been viewed as the most likable and reasonable candidate by likely Republican voters in New Hampshire, avoiding the likability struggle that Clinton faced.

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