Chiefs vs. Raiders: Get the Latest Score, Highlights, News, Inactives and Live Updates

The Kansas City Chiefs and Las Vegas Raiders squared off on Christmas Day in a highly anticipated NFL matchup. The game ended with a score of 35-31, with the Chiefs emerging victorious. The game was filled with thrilling highlights and intense action, keeping fans on the edge of their seats throughout.

In terms of news and updates, there were several key players listed as inactive for the game, impacting both teams’ strategies. The Chiefs’ star quarterback Patrick Mahomes put on an impressive performance, leading his team to a crucial win. On the other hand, the Raiders put up a tough fight, but ultimately fell short in their efforts.

This matchup between the Chiefs and Raiders has a storied history, as the two teams have a fierce rivalry that dates back decades. Both teams have a history of success in the NFL, making their matchups highly anticipated by fans and analysts alike.

Overall, the game delivered on the hype, providing fans with an exciting Christmas Day football showdown. The AFC West rivals’ battle was a fitting end to the holiday, leaving fans eager to see how the rest of the NFL season will unfold.

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