“Teachers and city are significantly distant as Newton cancels school on Monday”

Newton Teachers’ Union Continues Strike, Negotiations with City Continue

The ongoing strike by the Newton Teachers Association (NTA) has led to the closure of schools in Newton on Monday as negotiations between the teachers’ union and the city continue. Despite picketing and negotiations over the weekend, both sides have yet to reach an agreement, prolonging the strike and leaving over 11,600 students and their families in limbo.

The NTA, which has been working without a contract since the beginning of the school year, is advocating for better pay and a living wage for teaching assistants, as well as increased support staff and social workers to aid students with mental health issues. The strike, which began on Friday, has been deemed illegal, and the NTA is now under a court order to return to work or face hefty fines.

Despite the challenges posed by the ongoing strike, the community has shown support for the teachers, with local organizations and historic institutions like the Myrtle Baptist Church in West Newton joining the picket lines in solidarity with the educators. As negotiations continue, Mayor Ruthanne Fuller emphasizes the impact on the students and their families and caregivers, acknowledging the challenges they are facing due to the strike.

It is essential for both the teachers’ union and the city to reach a resolution that addresses the needs and concerns of all parties involved, ensuring the well-being and education of the students. As the negotiations unfold, the hope is for a prompt and fair resolution that allows for the resumption of normal school operations.

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