How MLB free agency will play out once Shohei Ohtani signs

All eyes have been on Shohei Ohtani this offseason due to his expected $500 to $600 million contract, the largest guarantee in North American Sports history. His free agency has been shrouded in secrecy, with little known about his career desires, where he wants to play, or which teams he has been talking to. As we await Ohtani’s decision, let’s explore the possible domino effect of his choice. We’ve enlisted the help of ESPN MLB experts to map out the moves that will come once Ohtani picks his team. The focus here is on six teams: the Dodgers, Blue Jays, Angels, Cubs, Red Sox, and Mets. In these simulations, we’ll examine the possible next moves based on whether Ohtani signs with the Dodgers, Blue Jays, or Angels. Each scenario involves potential fallout for the other teams involved.

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