Family shares videos of ‘vulgar and harassing’ neighbor, asks for help

A Midvale family has been enduring months of racist harassment from a neighbor, with some of the incidents captured on video. The mother of the family took to Instagram to document the racial slurs and harassment they have been experiencing on a daily basis since at least May. The neighbor, a white woman, has been seen driving by their home or walking by with her dog and shouting racial profanities, including the N-word.

The family has reported the situation to the Unified Police Department, but they feel that the police have not adequately responded, leaving them living in fear. The situation escalated to the point where the neighbor reportedly screamed at and physically assaulted a pregnant mother, but despite an active warrant, the neighbor has not been arrested for these offenses.

The spokesperson for the Unified Police Department has indicated that the neighbor is accused of low-level offenses and has underlying mental Health issues. Police are seeking a long-term solution for the neighbor’s behavior rather than immediately arresting her.

The district attorney’s office has not yet reviewed the case for hate crime charges, but they have been reached out to local law enforcement for more information about the case.

In response to these events, Mayor Marcus Stevenson of Midvale has stated that racism has no place in the community and that the appropriate authorities are involved and taking the situation seriously.

This story highlights the ongoing issue of racial harassment and the challenges faced by victims in receiving adequate protection and justice. It also underscores the importance of reporting hate crimes to ensure documentation and lead to thorough investigations.

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