Absolutely, Michael Douglas could definitely pull off the role of Ben Franklin!

In Los Angeles, the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel is still a place of allure and charm, despite the shift in clientele over the years. Michael Douglas, a beacon of a certain kind of White masculinity from decades past, brings a touch of old Hollywood glamour as he moves through the room. His presence evokes nostalgia for a bygone era when the Lounge epitomized showbiz exclusivity and sophistication.

As Douglas settles into a booth, ordering peppermint tea, he exudes a sense of ease and refinement at 79. Though not a permanent resident of L.A., he feels at home in the city, where he recently engaged with Emmy voters at a screening of his upcoming series “Franklin,” in which he plays Benjamin Franklin. Cozying up to the character, Douglas opted for a more naturalistic portrayal, foregoing heavy prosthetics in favor of a subtle transformation that allows audiences to connect with both the man and the actor.

Despite facing Health challenges during the production, Douglas persevered, ensuring a smooth operation on set. His commitment to the craft and the overall success of the project reflects his strong sense of professionalism and consideration for his collaborators. This attention to detail and dedication to the bigger picture have been integral to Douglas’s approach to his career, a trait that has served him well in navigating the complexities of the industry.

From his early days as a producer to his current roles as an actor and industry veteran, Douglas’s knack for seeing the complete picture has guided his decisions and interactions on and off set. With a focus on teamwork and creating a harmonious environment, he continues to uphold a standard of excellence that sets him apart in a town known for its egos and tensions. As he embarks on this new chapter portraying Benjamin Franklin, Douglas brings his trademark charm and wisdom to the role, embodying the spirit of a founding father with a modern sensibility that captivates audiences and showcases his enduring talent.

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